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Title Reference Speaker Date
   (Play) Waiting on Jesus John 12:36b-43 Todd Denholm 02-19-2017
   (Play) Grounded Ephesians 3:14-21 Dan Zink 02-12-2017
   (Play) Function Destruction: Good News for Problematic Missionaries Jonah 4 Mark Ryan 02-05-2017
   (Play) A Message from the Lord Jonah 3 James Marvin 01-29-2017
   (Play) The Psalm of Jonah Jonah 2 Mitchell Carter 01-22-2017
   (Play) Jonah on the Lam Jonah 1 Ethan Mullis 01-15-2017
   (Play) Christmas: Why a Child Hebrews 2 Jim Hatch 12-18-2016
   (Play) A Faithful God - A Wild Forerunner Luke 1:57-80 Rollie Gamble 12-11-2016
   (Play) A Blessed Woman - A Magnificent God Luke 1:39-56 Rollie Gamble 12-04-2016
   (Play) Storms! John 6 Daniel Song 11-06-2016
   (Play) Satisfied! John 6 Daniel Song 10-30-2016
   (Play) Holy! John 5 Ethan Mullis 10-23-2016
   (Play) Trust John 4 Daniel Song 10-16-2016
   (Play) Rebirth! John 3:1-21 Daniel Song 10-09-2016
   (Play) The Body: Community of Renewed Calling Matthew 28:16-20 Dan Herron 09-25-2016
   (Play) The Body: Community of Renewed Identity John 21:15-22 Dan Herron 09-24-2016
   (Play) My Only Comfort Job 38:1-11 Bill Edgar 09-18-2016
   (Play) Follow! John 1:35-51 Daniel Song 09-18-2016
   (Play) A Witness of Confident Faith Hebrews 11:32 Todd Denholm 09-11-2016
   (Play) Matthew 13 Matthew 13:44-46 SJ Lim 09-11-2016
   (Play) A Witness to Costly Faith Hebrews 11 Todd Denholm 09-04-2016
   (Play) In the Beginning John 1:1-18 Daniel Song 09-04-2016
   (Play) Sovereignty of God Isaiah 45 John Peters 08-28-2016
   (Play) A Reason to Sing: The Gospel According to Zephaniah Zephaniah 3:8-20 Marc Scheibe 08-21-2016
   (Play) Wisdom for Friendship Proverbs Various Passages Daniel Song 08-21-2016
   (Play) From “How Long!?” to “How High!”: The Gospel According to Habakkuk Habakkuk Marc Scheibe 08-14-2016
   (Play) Wisdom for Family Proverbs Various Passages Daniel Song 08-14-2016
   (Play) (un)Forgettable Genesis 16:1-16 Daniel Song 08-07-2016
   (Play) The Gospel According to Nahum: When Bad News is Good News Nahum 1 Marc Scheibe 07-31-2016
   (Play) Wisdom for Making Decisions Proverbs Various Passages SJ Lim 07-31-2016
   (Play) Wisdom for Pride Proverbs Various Passages Daniel Song 07-24-2016
   (Play) Wisdom for Envy Various Proverbs Passages Daniel Song 07-17-2016
   (Play) Entering a Family: Adoption Ephesians 1 Curran Bishop 07-10-2016
   (Play) Wisdom for Anger Various Proverbs Passages Daniel Song 07-03-2016
   (Play) Praying with a Full Heart and Persistent Hands and Feet Luke 11 & 18 Greg Perry 06-26-2016
   (Play) Wisdom for Walking the Righteous Road Various Proverbs Passages Andrew Martin 06-26-2016
   (Play) The Reach of Grace To and Through You Luke 4 Greg Perry 06-19-2016
   (Play) Making Room at the Table Acts 11 Thurman Williams 06-12-2016
   (Play) The Way to Wisdom Proverbs 3 Daniel Song 06-12-2016
   (Play) A Breath of Fresh Air Psalm 150 Ben Porter 06-05-2016
   (Play) The Beginning of WIsdom Proverbs 1 Daniel Song 06-05-2016
   (Play) What Does God Think of Maplewood & Saint Louis Jonah 3 & 4 Jim Hatch 05-29-2016
   (Play) A Praying Community James 5:13-20 Daniel Song 05-29-2016
   (Play) The King of Glory Psalm 24 Chris Smith 05-08-2016
   (Play) The Ultimate Prayer Partner Romans 8 Mark Ryan 05-01-2016
   (Play) Peace-makers, Breakers, and Fakers James 3 John Peters 05-01-2016
   (Play) The Weird, Wild & Wonderful Leading of God Exodus 13:17-22; 14:19-25, 30-31 Jim Hatch 04-24-2016
   (Play) The Day of the Lord 2 Peter 3 Michael Williams 04-17-2016
   (Play) Barney and His Friends Acts 4-15 Jim Hatch 04-10-2016
   (Play) Year of Jubilee Leviticus 25 Daniel Song 03-27-2016
   (Play) The Lord's Breakfast John 21 Ben Porter 03-27-2016
   (Play) Repentance Leviticus 6 James Marvin 03-20-2016
   (Play) Prayer That God Hears Matthew 6 Mark Ryan 03-13-2016
   (Play) The Agony and the Ecstasy Jude 17-25 Marc Scheibe 03-06-2016
   (Play) Holiness Leviticus 10 Daniel Song 03-06-2016
   (Play) The Enemy Within Jude 3-16 Marc Scheibe 02-21-2016
   (Play) How Can A Loving God Send People To Hell? Matthew 25 Daniel Song 02-21-2016
   (Play) “The Greatest Argument Against Hypocrisy” Matthew 23 Brian Burkey 02-07-2016
   (Play) Don't Tell Me What To Do! Various Passages Daniel Song 01-31-2016
   (Play) Exclusivity: Is there only one way? John 14 Daniel Song 01-24-2016
   (Play) Is the Bible Reliable? Various Passages Daniel Song 01-17-2016
   (Play) Bringing Our Doubts John 20 Daniel Song 01-10-2016
   (Play) When God Breaks Through Matthew 16 Andrew Vander Maas 12-27-2015
   (Play) A New Thing Isaiah 43 Daniel Song 12-27-2015
   (Play) Ruth - Mother of Jesus The Book of Ruth Leo Hsu 12-20-2015
   (Play) Rahab's Confession Joshua 2 & 6 Daniel Song 12-13-2015
   (Play) Learning Contentment With Paul Philippians 4:10-13 Mark Ryan 11-15-2015
   (Play) How Much Do We Need Jesus? Luke 7:36-50 Michael Tso 09-27-2015
   (Play) The Law of God Exodus 20 Dr. Doriani 09-20-2015
   (Play) Trading in Our Good and Acceptable Stories Luke 18 Ross Jelgerhuis 08-30-2015
   (Play) From Retribution to Exultation Psalm 64 Daniel Song 08-02-2015
   (Play) But Your Sorrow Will Turn into Joy Psalm 126 Marc Scheibe 07-26-2015
   (Play) Confession: Brokenness and Grace in God’s Songs Psalm 32 Dr. Doriani 06-14-2015
   (Play) Words for the Weak John 20:19-31 Paul Basham 05-31-2015
   (Play) When Nothing Is What It Seems Genesis 37:12-36 Daniel Song 04-19-2015
   (Play) Out is the New In Mark 14:1-11 Ross Jelgerhuis 03-29-2015
   (Play) An Undying Love Revelation 2:1-7 Daniel Song 01-11-2015
   (Play) 2015: A Year of Mary or Martha? Luke 10:38-42 Justin Schlueter 01-04-2015
   (Play) The Wrinkled Prophetess Luke 2:36-38 Daniel Song 12-24-2014
   (Play) The Shepherds' Carol Luke 2: 8-20 Daniel Song 12-21-2014
   (Play) When Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right Mark 7:1-30 Robert Wheeler 11-16-2014
   (Play) Jesus in our Weakness Mark 6:45-56 Daniel Song 11-09-2014
   (Play) Secrets of the Kingdom Mark 4: 1-20 Daniel Song 10-12-2014
   (Play) The Kingdom is at Hand! Mark 1:14-45 Daniel Song 09-14-2014
   (Play) Worship 101 Psalm 150 Paul Basham 08-31-2014
   (Play) In Vain Psalm 127 Daniel Song 08-03-2014
   (Play) A Song for the Created Psalm 8 Justin Schlueter 06-29-2014
   (Play) A Song for Beasts Psalm 73 Daniel Song 06-22-2014
   (Play) Psalm 59 Psalm 59 Jimmy Agan 06-15-2014
   (Play) Lost Son Luke 15:11-32 Andrew Vander Maas 05-25-2014
   (Play) Eschatological Parable Andrew Vander Maas 05-11-2014
   (Play) The Parable of the Treasure & Pearl Matt. 13:44-46 Andrew Vander Maas 04-27-2014
   (Play) The Tenderness of God's Servant Isaiah 50:4-9 Andrew Vander Maas 04-06-2014
   (Play) Appreciating Lonliness Psalm 88 Andrew Vander Maas 03-09-2014
   (Play) Friendship: Why? Genesis 1, John 15 Andrew Vander Maas 01-12-2014
   (Play) Advent 2013: The Everlasting Covenant 2 Samuel 7 Andrew Vander Maas 12-24-2013
   (Play) Advent 2013: Advent Champion 1 Samuel 17 Daniel Song 12-01-2013
   (Play) 1 Samuel: The King Behind the king 1 Samuel 9-12 Andrew Vander Maas 11-10-2013
   (Play) 1 Samuel: Rejection 1 Samuel 8 Daniel Song 11-03-2013
   (Play) 1 Samuel: Deep Joy 1 Samuel 1-2 Daniel Song 10-13-2013
   (Play) 1 Samuel: Deep Sadness 1 Samuel 1:1-18 Andrew Vander Maas 10-06-2013
   (Play) Vision Series: Engaging the Nations Revelation 7 Andrew Vander Maas 09-15-2013
   (Play) Vision Series: Embracing our Neighbors Matthew 15 Andrew Vander Maas 09-08-2013
   (Play) Vision Series: the Gospel 1 Corinthians 15 Andrew Vander Maas 09-01-2013
   (Play) Matthew: Kryptonite of the Kingdom Matthew 13 Andrew Vander Maas 08-18-2013
   (Play) Matthew: King of the Riff Raff Matthew 9:9-13 Andrew Vander Maas 07-21-2013
   (Play) Matthew: King of the Unreached Area Matthew 9:1-8 Andrew Vander Maas 07-14-2013
   (Play) Matthew: The Marvelous King(dom) Matthew 8:23-27 Daniel Song 07-07-2013
   (Play) Matthew: Kingdom Priorities Matthew 8:18-22 Andrew Vander Maas 06-30-2013
   (Play) Matthew: Kingdom Ethics Matthew 5:1-12 Andrew Vander Maas 06-23-2013
   (Play) Matthew: Kingdom at Hand Matthew 3:1-12 Andrew Vander Maas 06-09-2013
   (Play) Giving Thanks Colossians 1:1-8 Andrew Vander Maas 05-26-2013
   (Play) Jonah: God's Compassion Jonah 4:5-11 Andrew Vander Maas 05-19-2013
   (Play) Jonah: Angry! Jonah 4:1-4 Various Speakers 05-12-2013
   (Play) Joint Celebration: Waiting Isaiah 40:28-31 Daniel Song 05-05-2013
   (Play) Jonah: Nineveh Repents Jonah 3 Andrew Vander Maas 04-28-2013
   (Play) Jonah: His Prayer Jonah 2 Andrew Vander Maas 04-21-2013
   (Play) Jonah: God in Pursuit Jonah 1 Daniel Song 04-14-2013
   (Play) Jonah: Man on the Run Jonah 1 Andrew Vander Maas 04-07-2013
   (Play) Easter 2013: Re-Creation John 20 Andrew Vander Maas 03-31-2013
   (Play) Good Friday 2013: Alone Various Passages Various Speakers 03-29-2013
   (Play) Lent 2013: Overcoming Casuistry Judges 21 Andrew Vander Maas 03-17-2013
   (Play) Lent 2013: A Bloody Mess Judges 19-20 Andrew Vander Maas 03-10-2013
   (Play) Lent 2013: When Right Isn't Always Right Judges 17-18 Andrew Vander Maas 03-03-2013
   (Play) Portraits of the Church: Family Various Passages Daniel Song 02-24-2013
   (Play) Portraits of the Church: City on a Hill Matthew 5:14-16 Andrew Vander Maas 02-17-2013
   (Play) Portraits of the Church: Fallible Revelations 2 Andrew Vander Maas 02-10-2013
   (Play) Portraits of the Church: Growing Entity 1 Corinthians 3 Andrew Vander Maas 02-03-2013
   (Play) Portraits of the Church: Citizens of Heaven Ephesians 2:19-20 Andrew Vander Maas 01-27-2013
   (Play) Portraits of the Church: The Body 1 Cor. 12:12-26 Daniel Song 01-20-2013
   (Play) Portraits of the Church: The Bride Ephesians 5:25-33 Andrew Vander Maas 01-13-2013
   (Play) Made His Own Philippians 3:12-4:1 Andrew Vander Maas 01-06-2013
   (Play) Advent 2012: Mary Andrew Vander Maas 12-24-2012
   (Play) Advent 2012: Shepherds Luke 2 Andrew Vander Maas 12-23-2012
   (Play) Advent 2012: King Herod Matthew 2:1-18 Daniel Song 12-16-2012
   (Play) Advent 2012: Joseph Matthew 1:18-25 Andrew Vander Maas 12-09-2012
   (Play) Advent 2012: The Innkeeper Luke 2:1-7 Andrew Vander Maas 12-02-2012
   (Play) Judges: Dumb and Dumber Judges 16 Andrew Vander Maas 11-25-2012
   (Play) Judges: The Deafening Silence Judges 13-15 Daniel Song 11-18-2012
   (Play) Judges: Jephtha's Vow Judges 11 Andrew Vander Maas 11-11-2012
   (Play) Judges: The Ruler We Need Judges 9 Andrew Vander Maas 11-04-2012
   (Play) Judges: Responding to Victory Judges 8 Andrew Vander Maas 10-21-2012
   (Play) Judges: Gideon and the 300 Judges 7 Andrew Vander Maas 10-14-2012
   (Play) Judges: God in our Doubt Judges 6 Andrew Vander Maas 10-07-2012
   (Play) Desperate Faith & New Name Genesis 12 Various Speakers 09-30-2012
   (Play) Judges: Half-hearted to Fully-Devoted Judges 4-5 Daniel Song 09-23-2012
   (Play) Judges: Deliverance Judges 3:7-31 Andrew Vander Maas 09-16-2012
   (Play) Judges: Intro Judges 1:1-2:5 Andrew Vander Maas 09-09-2012
   (Play) Titus: Hearing the Word Titus 2:15 Andrew Vander Maas 09-02-2012
   (Play) Titus: Word that Transforms Titus 2:15 Andrew Vander Maas 08-26-2012